James Susinno

Software Engineer

(732) 267-7609

Highly responsive user interfaces, human-computer interaction, 3D graphics. Designing, creating and documenting high quality software that allows a skilled user to multiply their productivity manyfold.

OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, Solaris, Irix
Lang: C, C++, GLSL, Python, Luajit, JavaScript, SQL, PHP
IDE: Visual Studio, Android Studio, JetBrains, ZeroBrane, CMake, Cygwin, MinGW, gdb, make, gmake
SCCS: Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS, SourceSafe, Trac, Bugzilla
Libs: OpenGL, CUDA, Oculus, OSVR, Sixense, OpenCL, OpenMP, STL, MFC, .NET, OpenNI, libFreenect

Professional Experience
Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.
Senior UI Design Engineer
Ground penetrating radar: user interface and data processing on embedded GPU. Project design and maintenance, systems integration. R&D into new radar acquisition and processing methods(migration).
Windows 7,8,CE, Android L,M, Android Studio, Visual Studio 2008-2013, TFS, Subversion, Git, C++, STL, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, GLSL
Nashua NH
Apr 2013—Present

Advanced Micro Devices
Senior Software Engineer
Direct3D Driver Development: maintenance and feature addition to User-Mode Windows graphics driver, debugging, instrumenting, profiling driver code. Tests and scripts, build system maintenance.
Windows 7,8, Visual Studio 2008, Perforce, C++, WinDbg
Boxborough MA
Apr 2011—Apr 2013

D4D Technologies
Senior Software Engineer
Dental Implant Planning: designed/implemented/documented/obtained FDA 510(k) regulatory approval for native OpenGL dental implant surgery planning app. GLSL shaders and accelerated OpenGL display code for Dental CAD/CAM. Accelerated image and geometry processing in CUDA.
Windows XP, Visual Studio 2005, Perforce, C++, STL, C#, OpenGL, GLSL, CUDA
Richardson TX
Dec 2008—Apr 2011

In-Three Inc.
Software Engineer
Stereo post-production: proposed, architected, developed and documented “Intrigue”, the world's most comprehensive and efficient stereoscopic 3D conversion tool of the time. Acted as project owner and leader of a team of developers and artists. Intrigue was in exclusive use in-house on major motion pictures such as Disney's G-Force.
Windows XP, Visual Studio 2005, Visio, Trac, SVN, C++, STL, MFC, OpenGL
Westlake Village CA
Oct 2005—Nov 2008

Kollins Communications
Software Engineer
Web Development: dynamic web applications including content management systems, flash games, interactive product showcases and event registration systems. Brought functionality and animation to static HTML and Flash templates. Lead Developer for Sony Xplod autosound site.
ActionScript 2.0, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CVS, Tomcat, JSP, JSTL
Mahwah NJ
Nov 2004—Oct 2005

Internal Drive Tech Camps
Game Design Instruction: taught 3D animation and game design course in Conitec 3D GameStudio. Used BSP editors to design interactive environments, polygonal mesh and bone animation to design characters, and Conitec C-Script to control game logic.
Princeton NJ
Jun 2004—Aug 2004

Johns Hopkins University
Teaching Assistant: Computer Graphics including the topics of 3D matrix math & linear algebra, rasterization pipeline, lighting and transformation calculations, and the OpenGL API. Operating Systems including process control & scheduling, memory management, file systems. Physics including kinematics, conservation of energy, wave mechanics.
Baltimore MD
Sep 1999—May 2002

Columbia University Medical Center - Pathology Department
Research Assistant
Biochemistry Research: studied the correlation between bloodstream concentration of HLA A2 antigen and chronic cardiac graft rejection in heart transplant patients. Cultivated and harvested breast cancer cells for use in genetic research. Purified and amplified DNA for genetic study. Prepared, executed and analyzed electrophoresis experiments.
New York NY
Jul 1996—Sep 1999

Johns Hopkins University
B.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Computer Science, 3D Graphics Concentration
Baltimore MD

Personal programming: games, visualizations, modeling and animation tools, interactive art
Meetup organizing: Khronos Boston Chapter, Boston VR
Web design and development: http://jimbomania.com
Music production and performance, improvisation, songwriting, arrangement, recording, mixing
Guitar, bass, trumpet, vocals, rhythm sequencing, sampling
Ping Pong, soccer, baseball, rock climbing, hiking, surfing, skiing
Gaming: Tetris, Goldeneye(N64), Soul Calibur, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament, Left 4 Dead, World of Tanks, Battlefield